Whether you're building or operating a business, looking to develop leadership or career skills, or facing challenges, Trajectify has developed coaching programs to deliver experienced, outside-in perspective, increase capabilities, and meet your biggest goals.

Business & Leadership

It’s a unique blend of business & leadership growth coaching that leverages our operational “been there, done that” experience. Trajectify works shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders to hone strategy and execute tactics. Our private coaching program is custom because every leader and business is different. We have several recommended programs and engagements, from a couple of sessions each month to weekly weekly check-ins. Programs include 24x7 access to coaching outside of scheduled sessions. We work with CEOs or Founders, or the entire business leadership team.

Seminars & Retreats

We run a series of special programs throughout the year. Quarterly Business "Workouts" bring together several entrepreneurs in a half-day coach-led mastermind format, solving problems and building support systems. Trajectify also runs periodic leadersip seminars, educational events, and annual one and two-day retreats.

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TAB Peer Boards

In July 2018, Mike joined forces with The Alternative Board® (TAB) and became a TAB-certified facilitator. We now offer TAB programming and a worldwide community of leaders into our offerings. It is the unique combination of professional coaching and peer-to-peer accountability, learning and support that helps solve problems, develop and evaluate opportunities, and provide a platform for your growth. It includes: monthly TAB peer board meetings, business coaching sessions, the TAB Connect worldwide community, business diagnostic tools, and the Business Builder’s Blueprint™.

Custom Programs

If you need the benefit of coaching and not ready for an on-going commitment, we can put together a program to addresses your situation and needs. We focus on leadership, goals, strategy, tactics and organization. These sessions are effective if you are looking for that outside-in perspective on a key issue or business challenge including strategic planning, assessment of company-changing scenarios such as an exit opportunity, M&A or organizational development. Contact us and we'll schedule a consultation.