Entrepreneurs often approach the edge of a chasm. For the growing company, the next step makes all the difference.
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Early Stages

Growing a young business is hard. Once you find traction, each year brings new challenges. You stretch yourself yet struggle to achieve the steeper goals. We help you see beyond being the operator to successfully lead and scale.

Find Opportunity

As CEO of an established small or mid-sized business, it's easy to get lost in your operations. Finding new opportunities to grow revenue isn't as easy and the business may plateau. We restore the outside-in focus.

Work Together

You don't need to face your challenges alone. Entrepreneurs working together in tight groups has proven benefits over the past century. We combine Mastermind Groups with coach-led discussions and learning. Peers & advisors support one another.


Trajectify Team

Mike Krupit founded Trajectify to provide coaching to entrepreneurs of young companies and small businesses. He is a veteran of seven diverse startups, often pioneering markets, models, or technologies, spending much of his career partnering with and learning from great visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Today, Trajectify has a team of coaches with more than 65 years of combined experience.


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