Whether you’re a young company experiencing its first stage of growth, or an established business working on getting to the next level, the coaching works. We focus on both leadership and the business.

Business & Leadership Growth

It’s a unique blend of executive and business growth coaching that leverages our operational “been there, done that” experience. Trajectify works shoulder-to-shoulder with the leader and executive teams to hone strategy and execute the tactics. Our private coaching program is completely customized because every leader and business is different. We have several recommended programs and engagements, from a couple of sessions each month, to weekly weekly check-ins. Programs include 24x7 access to coaching outside of our scheduled time together.

A typical relationship might start by following a systematic approach uncovering some of the business’ foundation including analysis and strategy, success factors such as finance and organization, critical risks including topics like product development, operations, and processes.

While the main goal is to coach the entrepreneur and grow the business, Trajectify can also be prescriptive, bringing a strong network and experience which we use to help shortcut some of the growing pains. From NYC to Philly to DC, we can work together in person. We are also very successful coaching via phone, Skype, and Hangout and have clients who prefer the efficiency of the virtual presence.

Strategic Planning Sessions

If you need the benefit of coaching and might not be ready for an on-going commitment, we will put together a session (from a half day to two days) to address your specific situation and needs. We focus on leadership, goals, strategy, tactics, and organization. These sessions are also especially effective if you are looking for that outside-in perspective on a burning issue or business challenge. You might be developing or redeveloping a strategic plan, looking for hidden opportunities to grow revenue, or assessing the viability of various company-changing scenarios such as an exit opportunity, M&A or organizational development.