Trajectify Acceleration Groups (TAG) combine coaching with the benefits of support from others who face similar situations and challenges. The feedback, support, and accountability from those who have recently been in that same situation is impactful.

Monthly Acceleration Groups

Trajectify Acceleration Groups (TAG) is a monthly program with 6-10 entrepreneurs selected to be at a comparable stage in their company development, and diverse in their experience, vision and markets. The cornerstone of the program is a half day group working session each month, facilitated by a coach. The meetings are typically segmented into three parts:

  • Mastermind: Structured discussion on a few challenges facing some of the companies
  • Education: An hour of learning and discussion on one pre-determined topic, perhaps with a guest speaker
  • Accountability: An hour reviewing company statuses, milestones, and goals and accountability for the next session

We maintain a private online group where members can communicate with coaches and each other, along with any guest speakers or mentors we’ve engaged, or address the whole community of TAG. In this system being private, participants are able to rely on the camaraderie and trust that has been built amongst the members. Given that trust and privacy, there is a further benefit of the peer community and coaches being able to share our personal and professional networks.

Each entrepreneur agrees to work with their group for a minimum of six months and signs a “pledge” reinforcing commitment, participation, and confidentiality and trust.

Business Workout

The Trajectify Business Workout is an event that brings small groups of entrepreneurs to work together with a coach. Like the Acceleration Groups, the workouts have the benefit of both peer and coach perspectives - and the entrepreneur gains power and clarity through focused work with others.

Several times a year we run half day and full day peer working sessions. Participants have found it to be a great environment for taking an outside-in perspective on their goals, strategies, finances, and organization. Hidden opportunities have emerged through the insights of your coaches and peers.

Groups are generally 3-5 companies for the half day session and 4-8 companies for a full day. See below for upcoming events. We also run on-demand Workouts in other regions, typically from NY to DC. Don't hesitate to ask us about a program near you.