We've customized our CEO peer coaching program for entrepeneurs in food and hospitality. Become a charter member in 2017 and save $100 per month. Read further for more information, or apply now.

There comes a time when founders and CEO’s face the challenge in scaling a company and its organization. Whether you're working toward your first million, or on the path to grow from $1M to $10M, you'll be discovering new obstacles and insecurities that you hadn't previously encountered. You might feel alone, or stuck, or just that it's more difficult than you expected. The good news is that others have been there before - your peers, coaches and mentors - and by working together, you build the skills, experience, confidence and support to move forward and achieve bigger goals. 

Trajectify coach-led Leadership Groups combine professional leadership and business coaching with the benefits of support from peers who face similar situations and challenges. The feedback, support, and accountability from those who have been in that same situation has great positive impact. Our first group, the Trajectify Acceleration Group, launched in 2013. Within the first year, six of the eight CEO's participating had doubled revenue.

We are excited to now able to open more groups and incorporate our learning into a next generation program. We've created a group specifically for entrepreneurs in Food and Hospitality markets given some of the unique challenges of a food-related business - the crazy hours that are involved, the often painfully low margins, and the specialized knowledge, networks and connections that help.

The group of 8-12 entrepreneurs is selected to be at a comparable stage in their business and leadership development and diverse in their experience, vision and markets (non-competitive). The cornerstone of the program is a monthly working meeting facilitated by a coach, typically segmented into three parts:

  • Accountability: Reviewing company statuses, milestones, and goals and accountabilities for the next session.
  • Education: Learning and discussion on a pre-determined topic, often with a guest speaker or mentor;
  • Mastermind: Structured discussion on a few challenges facing some of the companies;

The meeting time and location is determined by consensus of the group. We're open to early mornings, late evenings, or weekends - we know the crazy hours that you have to keep! We also maintain a private platform (online group) where members can communicate with coaches and each other, along with any guest speakers or advisors we’ve engaged.

It is the unique combination of professional coaching and peer-to-peer learning and support that helps solve problems, develop and evaluate opportunities, and provide a platform for your accountability to growth.

We're planning on one 2-1/2 hours session per month plus a weekly phone call for updates and accountability.

$397 per month
$297 per month
($100 off Charter)

A company can add one-on-one private coaching, one session per month, which includes 24x7 to the coach, for $200.

Such groups work when its members take it seriously and participate consistently, so the program has a six month commitment. This gives the group a real chance to bond, build trust, and for the program to take root and reach peak effectiveness. Each entrepreneur is required to sign a “pledge” reinforcing their commitment, participation, and confidentiality and trust.

The concept of using peer groups for support and growth is not new. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich described “Mastermind Groups” in 1937. You've probably heard of larger organizations that have since turned these into big business, often franchisable, expensive, or poorly facilitated. The challenges of entrepreneurship have evolved to where these structures aren’t as effective. The leadership, cost, tools, and time commitment make these organizations outdated.

Next Steps

With the relaunch of our CEO groups, we're offering CEO's who sign up in 2017 a $100 per month discount as a Charter member. We'll soon be scheduling information sessions and individual consultations are available.

Check our calendar for upcoming sessions, or contact us. If you know you're interested, we have a short application (just a few questions, we promise) that you can submit.