All the Videos from Trajectify’s Business Growth Conference

2018 brought Trajectify’s inaugural live business growth conference which brought together dozens of leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals. We held Trajectify Live on September 13, 2018 at the Science History Institute in Old City, Philadelphia, featuring four Trajectify coaches plus a line-up of guest speakers and presenters while filled the day with insights, lessons and experiences

If you missed the opportunity to join us in September, we’ve got you covered. Here are videos we took of ten presentations from the conference. If you’re interested to attend the next Trajectify Live, please sign up here to be notified about the next Trajectify Live.

Mike KrupitTrajectify: Fearless Leadership

Entrepreneurs are often told to think lean, taking small steps in a series of short iterations. What holding you back from doing the big things required to elevate your business? FEAR!

Joe CotelleseTrajectify: Developing Your Product Strategy

Trajectify Coach and fellow entrepreneur took the stage to discuss developing product strategy with lessons including knowing only your customer as well as your customer’s customer and understanding who competes with who.

Lisa Peskin - Business Development University: Mastering Your Game Plan

Lisa Peskin of Business Development University spoke at Trajectify Live, basing her discussion with the audience on how to master your sales and marketing plan.

David FeinmanViral Ideas Marketing: Video for the Buyer’s Journey

David Feinman, Founder and CEO of Viral Ideas Marketing, discusses the importance of online video and its impact on growing sales.

Bearj JehanianAuthor, Motivational Speaker: Becoming the Voice of the Industry

Bearj Jehanian started out as a high school band teacher but knew he was meant to be on stage. After transforming himself, he became more than just a motivational speaker, he is a transformational speaker, inspiring people to better themselves.

Lisa RobinsonMy Independence at Home: Overcoming Challenges

Growing a multi-million dollar company isn’t easy. Lisa Robinson, founder and CEO of My Independence at Home (MYIAH), brought us her story of the trials and tribulations on the road to success.

Rob SanchezMouthMedia Network: Building Relationships with a Microphone

Rob Sanchez, CEO of MouthMedia Network, a premiere podcast network covering the business of various lifestyle industries, came to Trajectify Live with a plan. Rob discussed how to use podcasting as a tool to increase business as well as improve business operations. Watch his presentation here:

Sean DarrasLUXTECH: Founder to CEO – An Interview with Sean & Mike

Mike interviewed Sean Darras, CEO of LUXTECH, a young, innovative LED lighting company in Old City. After founding the company in 2012, Sean shares key lessons learned in each phase of growth.

Chuck HallTrajectify: Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

Chuck Hall, Trajectify Coach, shares insights on building a team and organizational development. Business growth relies on having the right people and Chuck talks about how to find and surround yourself with them.

Lauren Kaplan – Trajectify: Level Up Your Team Communications

Trajectify coach Lauren Kaplan took the audience on a communications journey. She shares how businesses should be using communications to improve trust, clarity, and structure within their team to improve their company.

Mike KrupitTrajectify: Leadership Through Goals and Plans

Mike Krupit, Founder and CEO of Trajectify, shares challenges of entrepreneurship that he finds in his coaching, including leadership, time management, and goal setting.

Trajectify Live 2018 was a success thanks to these presenters and keynote speakers, along with the  attendees of leadership, entrepreneurs and professionals, all looking to gain new insights and grow their businesses. If you would like to notified about our next major event, sign up here: