Hello World

I am just launching the website and the blog is next to come. I've got so many stories to tell and lessons to share. We'll cover everything from goals and strategies, to leadership issues and organizational development, and then a bunch of the tactics which could be marketing, product, technology or operations.

It's pretty exciting. I know I've got a book in me, so we'll get there slowly a post or two each week. What am I working on now? One post will be about my journey to start Trajectify, looking at the intersection of age and experience and passion - and the roller coaster of successes, failures, and emotions. Another post will examine the attributes of coaching, mentoring, consulting, and advising - and which might be right for you or your circumstances. And - yes - I must do one on goals, and why even smart and experienced entrepreneurs still struggle to get goals right.

We'll bring together these posts and other news and events in an email newsletter every few weeks. Be sure to sign up.

Don't hesitate to use the comments to let me know what else you might like to learn. Thanks!