Our Annual CEO Gift Guide

Amidst the closing of 2018 and the planning of 2019, we wanted to have a little fun. That's not an extravagant holiday party for the Trajectify team. It means some new content! We asked each of Trajectify team to share an idea of what holiday gift to get that successful person who might already have everything they want. Maybe you’re a business owner or CEO and you’re wondering what put on your gift wish list? Or maybe you need to buy something for that special business leader at your company or in you life.

From $50K to $50M, there’s something for everyone. (And if they’re above your budget, why not make one of these aspirational - for your 5 year plan?)

Mike recommends a Zafirro Iridium Razor - $100,000


Whether you shave your face or legs (or other parts), commanding leaders needs to look sharp and refined. Don’t fall for the Silicon Valley trend of a Dollar Shave Club. With these pure iridium blades and pure platinum screws, the owner of this razor shaver will have the slickest skin in the boardroom. Though act quick since only 99 of these are available.

Joe C. recommends a 10 Seat Custom Home Theater from Ravya - $277,000

Escape from the reality of building a business in a high end home theater. Ravya will customize an oasis of ten Gramercy leather chairs, 3000 lumens UHD 3D 4K projector 12’ screen, 9.2.4 surround sound, three 300-watt power amplifiers with Dolby Atmos surround sound, and a Soundscapes engineered design. It’s for those checked-out anti-real-world moments that every leader needs.

Chuck recommends a memorable vacation of a 6 Night Stay in Napa Valley - $46,666

Unwind with family or friends in the hillsides of Napa Valley, celebrating the Fourth of July in the Calistoga Ranch. The Estate Lodge, tucked into the “canyon on the shores of serene Lake Lommel,” gives the opportunity to reconnect with nature and relationships as they enjoy a stay in this beautiful home in heart of wine country. Add First Class plane tickets, a chauffeured car service, and a spa day. 

Jamie recommends a Baccarat Crystal Panther, Limited Edition, Signed  - $47,500

You don’t make it to the top if your papers are blowing away. Add this perfect paper weight to the desk of any CEO. It’s a 15 by 13 inch hand-crafted Panther from France. This limited edition panther will give your CEO the confidence to pounce on your competitors and leave fear in those who enter their enter.

Lauren recommends a Graff Diamond Watch - $55 million


No successful leader should walk around with some lame Apple Watch. Save the embarrassment of an unimpressive wrist and gift this watch which features a kaleidoscope of 110 carats of rare fancy colored diamonds. Considered to be the most valuable watch ever created, pull out your Amex Centurion Card and be sure the successful leader has a timepiece that will define their executive presence - and ensure they’re never late for a meeting again.